5 Keys to having the best Family Vacation

  by Admin   31 December, 2018

We can say that travel is called the food for your soul and family trips bring the best memories that we have today. When I was younger we had many great trips and today when I look back to my family trips; I remember sweet reminiscence of my family. But yes guys planning a family trip are not an easy task as everyone choice differs and there are a different set of obstacles that can be painful and especially when you have kids involved. However, we thanks to the internet for giving us an entire process to plan a trip with making a better decision and simplifying the travel itinerary.

For many years I haven’t traveled with family as I was growing old, my thinking was changing. I was like friends trip is more fun than family, but actually, I was wrong. Last year my family planned a travel trip to Udaipur for Diwali vacations. We had made sure to plan each little thing to make it perfect and best one. So while surfing over the internet, I found few of the tips that have helped me to make my family trip a worthy than ever.

  1. Maximize your time:

Ensure that you are going to manage your time correctly with taking care of time of travel and listing the number of attractions you will visit. Get to know the unforeseen circumstances that will affect the traffic or conditions. Your plans might differ due to weather so make sure you have flexibility, and you don’t have to waste time on it.

  1. Manage your Expenditure:

For any traveler, it very important to estimate the cost beforehand as to know how much you need to spend to plan your budget. As there is the internet that will help us to travel one place to another with easy go, the reality will be something different.

  1. Filter the best prioritizing location:

Make sure you have a filtered out the list of destination that you want actually to visit. As you cannot attend all the attraction in just a few days especially when there is lots of things you have added to your checklist. So either visit nearby places or travel in one direction to enjoy that particular location

  1. Stop and Enjoy:

We tend to go everywhere and want to do everything in a short time. This is perhaps a common mistake that most the people make. It’s important to have super packed day with family especially when kids are involved. Therefore it’s essential to make plans for having all kinds of experience.

  1. Pack Smart:

There are a few things that you have to consider while traveling with kids. To have a comfortable journey, go very light rather than carrying lots of unusable things. Also, learn how you can compactly pack the items. Just roll up your clothes and wear the heaviest clothes such as jackets and more for flight travel.

Wrapping up…

So why not crack and make a killer Family plan and get set to have the best journey of your life. Happy planning and make memories

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Best places for Solo Traveller in India

  by Admin   31 December, 2018

Solo traveling gives you a unique experience, and you can do whatever you want to without asking anyone for their suggestion or recommendation. You get to learn about many things about the place as well as the things you can do it by yourself. Many people think that solo traveling is a kind of daunting task. There may be a lot of question rolling out of your mind, i.e., is it safe enough to go alone? Will the trip be worth enough? Will I be getting bored? How will I manage everything alone? But guys taking risk and challenges will make you strong and bold to make any decision with ease.

You may find it confusing for the first time, but it exists as well. Only wise people will take a chance to explore the nature in their style. The natural and straightforward way is to trust yourself and always listen to your instincts. The main aim of traveling alone is to step out of the comfort zone and discover the world at your terms. I have to be a traveler for many years, and I think it’s essential to remember to trust your gut feeling you have all the time.

If you think you can travel solo, then I have a few things that will help you to plan your solo trips

  • Decide the Place: If you like to have a beautiful silent trip then decide a location in the lap of the nature such as Kerala, Kulu- Manali, Jammu, Himalayas and many more to explore better things. But if you want to experience the life of crowed metro then travel in big cities like Mumbai, Delhi, Bangalore, and the list would go on.
  • Deicide Your Budget: Make sure that how much money you’ll carry with you, what’s your budget. Do you want to travel by bus, train, flight or by car? Explore yourself more; know more about yourself, what you want to do. If possible try to learn the local language for the place you’re traveling to communicate well.
  • Stuff you’ll carry: While traveling solo, keep your important things in your backpack. Always carry your ID proof along with you. Make sure that you take enough food items and sufficient water with you. Read the reviews of the hotel you’re staying for having a safe and hassle-free stay.

If you’re looking for the best places for the solo traveler then here we have a list

  • Majuli –Assam
  • Udaipur- Rajasthan
  • Jaisalmer-Rajasthan
  • Varanasi- Uttar Pradesh
  • Rishikesh –Uttarakhand
  • Bundi - Rajasthan
  • Arambol- Goa


  • Hampi- Karnataka
  • Fort Kochi- Kerala
  • Varkala- Kerala
  • Gangtok-Sikkim
  • Amritsar-Punjab
  • McleodGanj- Himachal Pradesh
  • Ladakh – Kashmir



My last word would be Go solo & enjoy the solitude of that place. You can also visit sites such as Delhi & Agra during winters as the weather would be most pleasant for sightseeing and you don’t even have to worry about scorching heat by utilizing the beautiful afternoon.


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